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    Dyland Maggiacomo suggests that thoughts should be changed one at a time. Thinking and acting in the same manner as before will result in the same results. Therapy influences self-development in ways that result in shifting perspectives, which in turn alter mood, attitude, disposition, and life goals.


    Treatment for Addiction Must Be Individualized


    It is incredibly difficult to treat co-occurring mental illness and drug dependence. Many addicts enter treatment after spending many years attempting to control their pain and stress caused by long-standing mental health issues by using alcohol and drugs. The agony and monotony of daily life can be dulled and escaped with the help of easily accessible drugs. The issue is that persistent substance addiction only serves to exacerbate mental health conditions.


    As addiction persists, attention impairments, anxiety, depressive symptoms, hallucinations, insomnia, mania, and memory issues all get worse. With the sensation of guilt, relationships inevitably suffer, and the addict is driven to take drugs more and more.

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